Maxine (and her staff) gave me some excellent service from start to finish. I initially had another broker, who got sick so Maxine (who is actually the manager) took over and held my hand from start to finish. What I liked about Maxine most was that she balanced getting the best listing price, to what my budget and timeline actually was and doing a cost-benefit, realistic look at what I could expect. She had superb sources on the work I needed to get my condo sold! - E. Keltz

Maxine is a wonderful real estate agent who really looks out for her clients interests and uses her vast knowledge of properties and mortgage options in the region to insure that you get the best deal possible. We definitely plan on asking for her help again in the future.  - H. Manson

Maxine has helped me with several transactions over the years, most recently with the purchase of an investment property but also with my primary home and a home for my mother. She knows her stuff, she knows the market and she provides excellent service. I highly recommend her! - J. Miller